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  • Podcast 1

    The following is the complete transcription from Podcast 1.

    Recording: Welcome to Against the Grain podcast with Dr. Chad Edwardss where he challenges the status quo when it comes to medicine. We get into hot topics in the medical field with real stories from real patients to help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Get ready because we’re about to go, go, go, go Against the Grain.

    Bryan Wilks: Bryan Wilks here. Dr. Chad Edwards, how are you doing?

    Dr. Chad Edwards: I am doing very well, very excited for today. Yeah.

    Bryan Wilks: I guess

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  • Episode 81 - Lyme Disease Basics

    Lyme Disease PodcastLyme Disease is much more common that most people think. It is estimated that 6% of the Chinese population has Lyme Disease. It is a worldwide problem.

    However, most physicians do not know how to properly test for it. Even when presented with clear evidence of Lyme disease many physicians will deny it is a possibility. Why? Why is the diagnosis so difficult? Why do so many people suffer without an accurate diagnosis?

    These are the topic of this week’s podcast. Dr Edwards discussed a brief history of Lyme disease and why so many doctors miss it. This is a complex topic but we absolutely need to raise awareness!

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  • Episode 80 - Sympathetic Overdrive & ADHD

    Dr Heath Travis practices Specific Prone ChiropracticThere are 2 branches to the autonomic nervous system: sympathetic and parasympathetic. Dr Heath Travis discusses how hyperstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system influences ADHD (and other things) as well as how Specific Prone chiropractic manipulation can help resolve the issue.

    He also discusses the benefits of his therapy for pregnant patients. If you are pregnant then you’ve gotta hear this stuff!

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