Episode 71 – Skincare Products & Which Work

Skincare products and which work

Skincare Products That Work, and Those That Don’t

  • Why do we use skin care products?
    • Remove debris, oil, makeup
    • Protect & repair from sun damage
    • Prevent aging
    • Reduce inflammation, acne, etc
    • Reduce wrinkles, age spots
  • They have to get into skin cells in order to do what they say they will do. Some are effective. Some aren’t.
  • Skin is a barrier:
    • stratum corneum – particularly difficult to penetrate
    • stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum, stratum spinosum
  • Skincare Products have to: get through the barrier, enter cell, affect metabolism in a way that improves cell health. This requires biochemical skill!
    • Vitamin E Acetate penetrates better than Vit E
  • Design and composition of substances matters!
    • Substance has to be soluble in the target tissue
      • Vit A is a fat soluble antioxidant
      • Vit C is a water soluble antioxidant
    • Size matters!
      • Collagen can’t cross the barrier, even if combined with penetration enhancers or vehicles.
        • In this case it is a moisturizer but DOES NOT enhance collagen
      • Stem Cells – too big to get through the barrier


  • High quality products work because they get into the cell and are able to effect the change they need in order to produce the results.
  • These products are capable of causing problems if used incorrectly. That is why they are PROFESSIONAL products.
  • OTC products are safe and cannot cause the same kinds of problems because they can’t get to the site of action inside the cell.
  • Retailers and independent sales reps are not able to diagnose problems and treat them. That is why they have to be cosmetic grade and not pharmaceutical grade.